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Plan B, and a bridge

blue flowers
So far (based on two consecutive days) Plan B is working. It goes like this:

Go out to barn. Feed Doofus. Put out hay. Muck out Mae's stall. Prepare horse feed. Grab halter, go to overhang where horses are chowing down, halter Mae, put her in stall, close door, grab loaded muck bucket, open paddock gate, call Dare, dump muck bucket, shove Dare out of the way of the gate, close gate, return to barn, let Mae out of stall, re-clean stall (when she's pissed, it's literal), clean Dare's stall (aka Augean Stables, jr), spread shavings, put soaked feed in stalls, call Mae, shut her in stall with feed, grab muck bucket, open paddock gate, dump bucket, return to barn closing gate behind me (Dare having cleverly dodged me and returned to his stall/feed/girlfriend), open Mae's stall, take her feed bin and rinse it, wait for Dare to finish eating.

So far so good. Fingers crossed.

Getting ready to go down to bridge with a flat of water bottles. We have been Summoned to work on the bridge. Summoner is the new neighbor downhill, who has not spoken or even looked at me in a year and a half plus. Should be interesting. The bridge is in bad shape--needs at least 15 boards replaced. I cannot kneel down to pound nails, so water is my contribution. Probably six other people have the same idea.

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